Established in 2009, Braddon Tailors have grown to have a strong following, with permanent bases in Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide and regularly traveling to meet with clients across Australia and internationally.

Braddon Tailors is excited to be able to now work with you to offer a range of corporate events for your friends, colleagues or clients at either your workplace or one of our showrooms.

With a focus on education about fabrics, style and fit our corporate events are complimentary services to businesses, small and large alike, where we come to you and discuss all things suiting and style with you and your guests.

A Braddon Tailors corporate event may cover one of the following:

Suit Me Events

The Suit Me event has been developed for those groups who are across design and style, or who may have already had a presentation from Braddon Tailors.  At this event a Braddon Tailors designer will bring our showroom to you.

Our designers will take individual appointments with your guests – usually taking half an hour. Your guests will be measured and guided through a choice of fabrics and styles to get a perfect fit, and beautiful, individual outfit.

Everybody who makes an appointment for a Suit Me Up event will be provided with a $50 gift certificate from Braddon Tailors.

Team Styling Events

Perfect for new starters, planning days, or as refresher courses; our Team Styling Events provide an invaluable method for managers to ensure members of their team present a great image to clients.

Over the course of our 30 minute presentation, we will cover a range of topics relating to male and female suiting, corporate attire, casual outfits and anything in between.

Finally, we will measure all attendees giving them a taste of the Braddon Tailors made-to-measure experience and be available to take appointments. 

All attendees to our Team Styling Event will be provided with a complimentary $50 gift certificate. In addition, everybody who you invite to make an appointment for a Suit Me Up event will be provided with an additional $50 gift certificate, whether they have attended the styling session or not.

The Special Event

The third of our events has been developed with your special clients in mind. We understand when in business you would like to show your appreciation to clients who have helped you out in the year.

We will work with you to develop a suitable lunch, evening or dinner where your guests will be able to gain a taste of the Braddon Tailors design experience, make a purchase if they choose, while also enjoying their time in a unique environment. 

All of your guests to this event will receive a complimentary $100 gift certificate, included with a gift bag we will develop in collaboration with you. 

For more information on our corporate events, or to arrange a style consultation, please contact Jonathan at or send us a message through our contact form.