Men and Women

Braddon Tailors specialises in creating pieces of affordable luxury, designing made-to-measure garments for both men and women.

Using measurements taken from your body, we combine the finest of fabrics with modern manufacturing techniques to create unique pieces in a huge range of style which will suit any body shape.

For men we are able to create garments from tuxedos and dinner suits, business attire and smart, casual garments to suit any occasion.

While for women we are proud to be able to create a range of made-to-measure garments from women’s specific patterns and using innovative manufacturing techniques.

Our women’s made-to-measure range includes suits (both trouser and skirt), jackets and blazers, casual trousers, shirts, shirt-dresses and overcoats.

Due to the individual nature of our garments, pricing for each piece is different. Contact us today to discuss your suiting needs, and help us prepare a quotation for you.