Returns and Refunds

Braddon Tailors is committed to our client’s satisfaction with respect to the garment's quality and fit. Because garments are designed to a client's specific fit and preferences returns will not be accepted unless a garment is deemed, at the absolution discretion of Braddon Tailors management, not fit for purpose.

Similarly, as each garment is created specifically for each client’s individual fit and preferences, refunds will not be provided unless there is a clear manufacturing error or fault, at the sole discretion of Braddon Tailors management, with the garment.

Maintenance (Wear and Tear Disclaimer)

Suits are very strong but they deal with a lot, so like your car, expect maintenance to be required at times.  

Wear and tear is normal and eventually unavoidable. Braddon Tailors is not responsible for the wear and tear of a garment. Please read the garment care advice on our website and that we provide with each garment. Also, be sure to heed the advice and cautions from your designer to prolong the life of your garment.

  • Some specific wear and tear is a result of idiosyncratic behaviours, habits and also certain body shapes. So wear and tear in certain areas is often unfortunate and unavoidable for the unlucky some. Consult your designer for the most appropriate cloth if you know you wear in certain areas.
  • Trouser wear in the fork is reasonably common for some men who rub in this area. More delicate and luxurious cloths will fail quickly in these conditions and attempting to solve the problem with an added silk saddle will only delay the expected. It’s not a comprehensive solution. It’s unavoidable in many cases and wool-suiting cloths may never hold up in the very worst of cases.
  • Trousers and jackets in some areas employ blind stitching. Blind stitching is used so that it breaks before the cloth is damaged (as a preservation measure). The hem at the base of a trouser is blind stitched for this reason. To avoid constant ‘kick-outs’ please put your socks on first and take care putting your foot through the trouser leg’s base. It’s easily fixed and we’ll do this for you.
  • While Braddon Tailors is happy to repair any natural faults with any of our garments. However, any repairs or replacement garments undertaken due to natural wear and tear, carelessness of clients, or because the client has changed body shape, will be undertaken at the client’s expense. Your designer will be able to provide you with a quote on the cost of repairs in these situations


After your initial appointment with a Braddon Tailors designer, first and second fittings will be organised once the garment is made. During these fittings the tailor will determine, with you, whether any adjustments need to be made. All adjustments that need to be made are conducted at no cost to the client. In the odd case a garment cannot be adjusted reasonably, Braddon Tailors will organise for the client to be re-fitted and the garment will be remade. There is no cost to the client undergoing this process.